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desk layout - helpful internet tools

Here are some helpful internet tools which are available in your language of choice.


Latin language text on paper - best options for online language learning

Knowing additional languages can help you in life, relationships, and in your career. Here are some excellent options for online language learning.


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If you are want to do some online diary writing, the options mentioned in this article are great places to start. They are available in a choice of languages.


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Your screen name represents you, and fortunately, it's not too difficult to get a good screen name. Here is how to do it.


old-fashioned bookshop

Project Gutenberg is a library of free ebooks, focusing on older works whose copyright has expired and which are now in the public domain.


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First and Surname Generator - generate first names and last names that are popular in U.S. English. Here you can quickly generate character names for a book, or a new username for yourself... whatever you want.