Men's social media status generator

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A fast easy way for men to get a status message in English to post on Twitter, Facebook, or other social media. It's ideal for those days when it’s hard to think of something to write. Ladies may use it too, but be aware most of the topics are oriented towards men. Don't worry, we have a separate women's social media status generator.

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Why you should get your status update here

If you’re looking for something to put as your social media update, this is the place to be. This is a free status generator, so you can quickly get a social media message or quote for yourself today. Post it on your social media, and it's done!

Life is just too busy to spend extra time coming up with something for Twitter or Facebook.

Good tweets

The generator here is designed for you to create a status update across any social media. It's especially well suited to generating good tweets, because the character count for all of these are below the Twitter limit of 280 characters. Another helpful feature is the automatic inclusion of hashtags in a way that sounds natural, giving the potential for an additional audience for your tweet through hashtag searches.

Because these are clean topics, you can rest assured that people are unlikely to take offense to any of these. You can safely post any of these and relax knowing that they're good for a family-friendly audience. Followers are highly unlikely to stop following you due to any of these tweets!

If you're looking for good tweets for men, then try out this social media status generator. Simply copy and paste the result into a new tweet and send it.

The ideal social media status generator

Besides making good tweets, this status generator can be used for all other types of social media too. If you're looking to update your Facebook status, this is a great option. No need to spend time thinking of what to say! Just copy and paste your random status into your Facebook, Diaspora, VK, Plurk, or any other social media of your choice.

Save time and enjoy life!

You can free up a lot of your time by using this social media generator. You just get a status here, then copy and paste it into whatever social media you want to use. There is no pausing and thinking of what to write. While everyone else is thinking hard for something to say, you can save time with a pre-made status.

Your time is valuable and you should not spend more of it than strictly necessary on social media. With these easy status updates, you can take the time you saved on social media and instead put it toward activities you enjoy more. Your social media account will still look active when you use these updates regularly, even if you're spending only a tiny fraction of the time you previously spent on it.

It's wonderfully freeing to not have to worry about figuring out a good status update any more. You'll enjoy the extra free time that this tool gives you.

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