Best online diaries for your writing

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Keeping a personal journal of your thoughts and ideas is a good way to keep your mind healthy and to stay organized. Many great thinkers of the past and of today use a personal journal. It can also be interesting to look back later on some of your earlier ideas. A real-life paper notebook is a great option which works well for many people. But if you want the ability to look back years later, an online option could be better. This is because you then don't have to worry about accidentally losing or misplacing the item. You can access your personal diary or journal at any moment, even if you wish to look back at something you wrote a long time ago. The question is, where is the best place to write an online diary?

Ideal features for online diaries

  • Ideally, you would want to choose a site that is displayed in your language, and you should be allowed to select this choice of language yourself. There is no need to navigate a site in your second language.
  • Also, a personal journal site should be intuitive and easy to use.

The online diaries mentioned below have these features.

Option 1: has a bright modern appearance. It works well on desktop and mobile, and there is also an Android app available. The language switcher positioned at the top right allows you to select from plenty of language options, including this one. Unfortunately, their language switcher is difficult to use mobile or tablet, because it's partially hidden by the menu button. You can still use it - you just need to be careful where you press. On a positive note, you have excellent customization options at writediary, where you can use emojis, pick your own background color, and select your font style and text color. You can also synchronize between Android devices. is for private diaries only, so there is no option to share your thoughts publicly. If you want to make your personal journal public, then you should try the next option.

Option 2: has a slightly unusual look, combining older-style colors with a modern layout that scales beautifully on any device. The language selector is at the top right of the page on desktop, or in the top menu on mobile. There are many languages available, including this one. You can get started for free. All entries are private by default, but you can opt to make them public.

The advertisements feel a little intrusive when you're using the site, but you can turn those off if you become a paid subscriber. Subscribers also gain the ability to upload images, which free users aren't able to do.


If you are looking to get started with online diary writing, then either of the two options mentioned in this article are great places to start. There are other online diary sites available, but they are not available in such a wide choice of languages. This is why we recommend the two options shown here.

This page was last updated on October 10, 2022