Welcome! Here are names, pseudonyms, usernames, and more. These are ideal sources of character names or pen names for your needs.


woman walking in the forest

This women's social media status generator is a fast easy way to get a status update in English to post in your Twitter, Facebook, or other social media.


man in suit at computer

Here you can generate usernames in English for ease of internationalization. These usernames sound professional and are gender-neutral.


A man who is thinking and writing

Here is a generator of domain names and business names that are likely to be pronounceable in English. These names are not created from dictionary words, instead they are randomly generated.


Young woman outdoors

First and Surname Generator - generate first names and last names that are popular in U.S. English. Here you can quickly generate character names for a book, or a new username for yourself... whatever you want.


colored pencils

This random color generator displays colors with hex codes for use in any graphics software. CSS code is also shown so you can use these colors in a website.