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Tracking cookies depend on your actions:

We do not use analytics software, so there are no cookies for that.

We place a cookie from that doesn't track you and which goes away automatically when you close the browser tab. In other words, we forget you from the moment you close the browser tab. This cookie is essential to the functioning of the site in case a site administrator is logged in.

If you click on a link from our site to another site, a tracking cookie may be placed from another domain. Similarly, some of the advertisements shown on this site may place a tracking cookie from another domain. It is not practical to list all possible cookies and durations here. To prevent any tracking of this kind, change your browser settings for cookies to "block third-party cookies".

Privacy is owned by The GrayFly Group. The GrayFly Group is the registered trade name for GrayFly Stationery, LLC, a limited liability business registered in the state of Kentucky, United States of America. You can reach us at

We do not collect any personally identifiable information from you. This site can be browsed anonymously. This site may collect some information about you using technology, so it may not be readily apparent to you that it is being collected. For instance, some of our content may use tracking pixels. We may collect certain non-personally identifiable information from your browser, such as the web page from which you came. This information is not personally identifiable. We do not market to, seek to solicit information from, or knowingly collect information from children under the age of 13.

Sponsored link disclosures

In articles that contain any of the following:

  • affiliate links
  • if the article was sponsored (in other words, if we received payment for writing the article)
  • a product or service was given to us free of cost to review

a disclosure to explain this relationship is made at the top of the article underneath the headline. For example, for a sponsored post, the disclosure will say "I was compensated for writing this article".

By contrast, in articles for which there is no compensation (financial, affiliate, or goods/services), there is no need for such a disclosure and it will be absent.

Disclosures are made on a per-article basis for maximum transparency, ensuring that the reader is clearly informed in each and every article where there are affiliate links, or payment was received to write the article, or where goods or services were received.

The right to be forgotten

The only way we obtain any personally identifiable information from you is if you email us with that information. If you have done so and wish to remove it, simply contact us at For security reasons (i.e. to prove it is really you making the request), you would need to contact us from the email address from which you provided us the information you wish to delete. We will then delete all emails or records of you that we have which include that email address.

If our privacy statement changes, we'll update it here.

This page was last updated on August 17, 2020